Samantha & Mitchell – Edmonton, Alberta

The foundry room intimate ceremony

We all know weddings are going to look different in 2020, but sometimes different isn’t a negative. Different can mean unique, special, and one-of-a-kind.

I would put this wedding in that category.

Bride's dress against door

First of all, this wedding was SO relaxed! We arrived to the MOB’s (Mother of Bride) house before Samantha had even arrived. The salon’s opened just days before and they had gone and got their hair done and then spent some time doing make up and getting ready. We took these detail shots in the mean time.

Bride's shoes on dress
Wedding Rings on countertop

We headed upstairs to get Samantha into her dress with her mom and sisters. (All of them…. TALL!) Plus some individual bridal portraits.

Mother of Bride doing up back of dress
Mother and sisters of bride help her get ready for her ceremony
Sisters and mother and bride smiling looking at camera
Silhouette shot of bride

Samantha had one of the nicest silk bouquets we have seen. Samantha’s reason for artificial? So she can use the bouquet again for her reception next year! #2020WeddingHacks

Silk bouquet

We then headed to one of Edmonton’s most unique event venues The Foundry Room in the Oliver Exchange Building (Upstairs for Iconoclast Coffee).

We loved the vibe. Exposed brick, giant windows the let in the natural light, good location, and interesting decor!

The Foundry room Wedding ceremony
The Foundry Room Edmonton Wedding

Just adjacent to the venue space, we had the couple do their first look.

Samantha and Mitchell first look at Foundry Room Edmonton
First look at Foundry Room Edmonton
First Look Wedding Bride and Groom Hugging at Foundry Room
Wedding Couple walking toward their ceremony at The Foundry Room in Edmonton Alberta

It was time for the ceremony to begin.

Groom at The Foundry Room for intimate wedding
Bride walking down aisle at The Foundry Room
Ceremony at the Foundry Room

Count them. 12 + 2 photographers + 1 event staff. PLUS a bunch on the zoom call just off camera.

Also, just want to say how privileged we feel to be included in the 15! Seriously! Thank you Sam and Mitch!

First kiss as Husband and Wife

We stuck around the venue to take some Bride & Groom portraits.

The Foundry Room bride and groom
Big Windows at the foundry room in Edmonton
Foyer at the Foundry Room

We then headed to the Mctaggart Tree Sanctuary in South Edmonton for some outdoor portraits. The weather was PERFECT!

Groom kisses bride at Edmonton Wedding
Bride and Groom and bouquet at Edmonton Wedding

Just like that. Our first 2020 wedding in the books.

Congrats Sam & Mitch, we wish you two many years of health and happiness!

Can’t wait for your 2nd round next year!

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