Father Daughter Moments

Before we were all audibly assaulted by Aerosmith’s train-wreck of a performance at the 2020 Grammy’s there was a sweet antithetical Grammy’s moment between Camila Cabello and (not Shawn Mendez) her Father.

I am such a sucker for Father/Daughter moments, and as soon as Dad’s cry… we all cry, and this performance was no exception.

Camila Cabello sings to her Dad

I mentioned to Steph that we would likely be hearing this at several 2020 and beyond weddings during the Father-Daughter dance. Along with the usual suspects.

Top Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

  1. Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
  2. My Little Girl – Tom Mcgraw
  3. Stealing Cinderella – Chuck Wicks
  4. I Loved Her First – Heartland

These may seem cliche’ but they are cliche’ for a reason, because when they hit…. out come the water-works. As a Father of 2 girls, I honestly can’t keep it together, and neither can a lot of the guests. There is something special and moving about that particular moment. It is a beautiful sight, and we feel so honoured to be invited into those vulnerable moments. Our hope is we can do justice to the emotions, the pride, and the joy of those moments and create a photograph that further bond that amazing and unique Father/Daughter relationship.

We can’t decide if a Father/Daughter first look is more touching than a Father/Daughter dance…. but we will let you decide.

Here is a collection of Father/Daughter first looks and Father/Daughter dances.

Keep a tissue handy.

The Father/Daughter First Look

Father of the bride first look
Father of bride wiping tears into hanker-chief given by the bride.

Hold in those tears! You got this.

Dad seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time, trying to hold back tears.

Alright, maybe just a little cry will help.

Dad wiping tears during his first look
Dad crying during his first look
Father crying when he sees his daughter in wedding dress

The Father/Daughter First Dance

Pine and Pond Wedding Venue

Father Daughter dance at Pine and Pond

Fairmont Palliser High Tea Wedding in Calgary Alberta

Father Daughter dance at Fairmont Palliser in Calgary Alberta

Willow Lane Barn Wedding in Olds, Alberta

Big Red Barn Wedding in Lacombe, Alberta

Father Daughter dance at the big red barn in Lacombe.
Father Daughter dance at family farm venue.

Meridian Beach Wedding at Gull Lake, Alberta

Father Daughter dance at Meridian Beach Wedding
Father Daughter dance at Red Deer acreage wedding.

So what’s your thoughts? Which moment gets you the worst? The Father/Daughter first look or the Father/Daughter dance?

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