Crushing the walk out

Our best tips on how to guarantee print-worthy wedding portraits from your ceremony recessional

“Candids, candids, candids”

This is what we hear from so many of our future brides & grooms. They want CANDIDS! They want all the candids, grandma, grandpa, the ring bearers and flower girls, cocktail hour candids, wedding party candids…. you get the idea.

One of the unsung heroes of priceless candid moments is the wedding recessional. The walk out.

For those of us new here:
Processional = Walking in to the ceremony.
Recessional = Walking out of the ceremony.
Sectional = the type of sofa in our basement.

The secret to candid photos

Now, here is the truth behind a lot of the “candid” photos that you see as you scroll instagram or pinterest.

A lot of them are not candid at all….

As the one who does the majority of the culling in our business I can tell you, it is rare that a truly candid photo turns out flattering. It happens, but you can’t create an entire day of images around that exception.

So with that being said, here are some of our top ideas on how you as a bride and groom can guarantee that your walk out photo can be “candid-not-candid” and flattering. After all, you are only going to get to walk out from your wedding once, let’s make it count!

  1. Celebrate
walking out wedding ceremony, bride and groom celebrating, edmonton wedding
Lacombe wedding, bride and groom walking out with florals in the air
Willow lane barn wedding ceremony walking out, bride and groom celebrate

Remember, this is the moment that you are officially married. The first time you can be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. ______________. Truth is, if you are genuinely happy and having a good time, your faces will show it.

Let those florals fly, throw up your arms in celebration, cheer, shout, hoot, holler, and laugh.

The photos will reflect that.

2. Interact with each other

Tunnel Mountain Banff bride and groom walk out of their wedding ceremony
Red Deer bride and groom walk out and look at each other
Bride and Groom walk out at Eckville farm wedding in central alberta.

From a photo stand point, we want to capture the feelings between the two of you. Walk SLOW. Take it all in. Allow Jim and Pam to remind you of the importance of taking mental pictures.

3. Interact with others

Groom high fives father as he and his bride walk out.
Bride and groom walking out at Pine and Pond Wedding Venue

Again, it’s not a race to see who can get out of there the soonest. The family portraits can wait. Walk slowly. Engage with your guests, high five, smile, and have a great moment.

Your guests have travelled to celebrate you and your new spouse. Soak it in.

4. Gosh darn-it, kiss each other.

Edmonton Bride and Groom kiss as they walk out of their wedding ceremony
Buffalo Mountain Lodge wedding walk out
Canmore Ranch wedding, ceremony walk out.
Red Deer bride and groom kiss as they walk out of their ceremony

About 3 quarters of the way back up the aisle, take a moment an embrace. Bring on the PDA! When else will you get a standing ovation for kissing?

There you have it friends, want a good candid walk out, plan ahead. 🙂

Wedding season is approaching quickly, so if you are getting married this year make sure to send this to your fiancé and make sure you are on the same page!

Happy Wedding Planning
– Steven

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